Running on a new server.

I decided to move from Pair to Hostgator to try and reduce my bills. While Pair is great, they are pricey. So if you see this, you are seeing the new server. If there are any problems, please let me know and I'll try to work them out as soon as I can. Everything should be there, but you never know.

--Sycraft 2010/10/20

Hexen soundtrack v5.0 released.

Finally after years of playing World of Warcraft… I mean after years of work I’m back with version 5.0 of Hexen. Grab it from the audio section.

--Sycraft 2009/02/22

Soundtrack servers updated.

I've been getting a number of complaints about problems downloading the soundtracks so I reworked and updated the hosting servers. All soundtracks are now hosted on three separate servers, at separate locations. This should ensure that no matter what, at least one server should be available.

I would ask that you please use the primary server whenever possible. It's on a fast line and I have no limit on bandwidth usage with it so it's what I prefer. The secondary server is fast, but I have a usage limit. If people use it too much, I'll have to take it down. The backup server should only be used if the other two are not working, as it is fairly low bandwidth, though it has no limit.

--Sycraft 2005/11/19

Articles section is now online.

I finally got around to writing an article, something I've been meaning to do a lot of on where, but never done. So now there's an articles section. Right now there's only one, but hopefully I'll get around to adding more.

--Sycraft 2004/07/22

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