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When it comes to doing soundtracks I'm lazy. REALLY lazy. I just mess around with it in my free time and usually do very little and then go and play video games. This leads to the great length in time between any kind of release, but also leads to aborted projects, and to me just screwing around with something that amuses me. In the past I'd make something and nobody but me would ever hear it. I would just mix a track to whatever extent I felt like and then do nothing with it. Sometimes I won't ever render them down. I'm also something of a perfectionist so I wouldn't release anything not part of a completed project.

Well I decided that is silly, and I might as well post anything I make because why not? It doesn't hurt anything and maybe someone else enjoys it. So here is my Apocrypha section: Anything that isn't part of a project that is complete or is likely to be. Everything in here is very much "as is". It is in whatever format I happen to have, it is not cut for looping, it isn't necessarily very well processed or mastered, it is just whatever. Take it as it is.

Chrome Shadows
This is a piece by the amazing Michael Walthius who has made a number of just stellar MIDIs. He used to have them all up on his site, as well as audio versions of some though he doesn't seem to at the moment. This was always my favourite song of his, and he didn't have an audio version so I made one, which is the file chrome.mp3. Later I was doing some playing with audio bit depth and wanted to use this but I'd lost any of the originals, so I redid it using my then current set of samples which you can find as chrome 24-bit.wav. In general I like the newer version better but I put both up. I do like the way the violin came out in the first one. The sounds are largely EastWest's QLSO and Golaith, as well the Drumkit From Hell 2 and a Roland SD-20.

I was thinking of doing a Descent soundtrack. I still might someday, though it is shelved for now. However, for some time, I was working on it and this is the result. There are only four tracks I ever did. Game20.ogg was the first one and I threw together quickly as a test. Briefing.wav, credits.wav, and descent.wav were the first three I did after starting work in earnest, before deciding to stop. Elements.mp3 and micro.mp3 were me testing new choir samples on the game20 track. In the ogg file the choir is the EastWest QL Symphonic Choir. In elements it is the Soundiron Olympus Choir that I now use. Micro is the micro version from Soundiron that I wanted to try. The rest of the samples are largely the same as my 5.0 tracks.

Hexen 2
Of anything on here, this is the most "complete" in terms of number of tracks. Someone contacted be asking if I'd do a Hexen 2 soundtrack and I agreed and set to work… and it didn’t go well. Part of the issue is I don't like the music; I just don't think it is very good so I wasn't that interested in working on it. Another part is at this time I was using Sonar X2 and the EastWest Play sampler. X2 was a really problematic DAW release and Play is complete garbage. So I had tons of crashes, pops and clicks rendering, and just lots of problem. I had no motivation to work on it and finally just stopped. I hate the result, there are errors and issues in it and I don't like the tracks. Whatever, here they are. It is not complete and it is never going to be. Samples are the sort of thing from the 5.0 Hexen track largely, but in EastWest Play instead of NI Kompakt which accounts for some of the sound difference, as well as the extreme issues I had.

Duke Nukem - The City Streets
I like the Duke music and I was playing around with it and rendered this one out. It is pretty simplistic, it is the Drumkit From Hell 2 for drums and NI Bandstand for basically everything else but it still sounds ok. I might think about doing a Duke soundtrack someday but probably no time soon, if ever.

FF7 - Aeris' Theme
This was me playing around with some of my first real big boy orchestral samples a long time ago. It is EastWest QLSO again.

Pictures at an Exhibition - Movement 9 and 10
This one is a little different, I was playing with the pianos in NI Komplete 9 and this is a piano piece I've always loved so it was a good one to use. While messing around I decided to try out some surround reverb. So this is a surround wave file, quadraphonic in particular. It has FL, FR, RL and RR channels. If you have a surround system on your computer, it'll play back in surround. The only real surround effect is the reverb, which is from a piano hall. The only instrument is the Bosendorfer 290 from NI's Komplete 9. Be warned it is a big file since it is 24-bit, 4 channel, uncompressed and like 7 minutes long.

Sim City 2000
This is a track from Sim City 2000 and was me trying out NI's Bandstand. It is rendered in Bandstand completely, nothing else.

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