Heretic Soundtrack

I had gotten distracted from playing with soundtracks and set them aside, despite wanting to update all my soundtrack, but finally got back on it and here is the result: version 6.1 of my Heretic soundtrack.

It sounds very different from the previous one as it is completely new software, samples, effects, etc that I used to make it. In sample terms it went from about 200MB of samples for 3.0 to about 2TB of samples for 6.1.

If you wish to stream the soundtrack you can find it here on Youtube. Please note Youtube applies a lot of compression to audio so the results are not as quite good as what you get with what you download.

You have four choices for file type: FLAC 16-bit, FLAC 24-bit, MP3 and WAD. All are from identical masters and are likely to be perceptually the same. When in doubt, the 16-bit FLAC is a good choice for general listening. The MP3 version is also dithered to 16-bit since many MP3 decoders use 16-bit output regardless and is good if you want to save space. The 24-bit FLAC file is good if you know your system can properly play back 24-bit sound. The WAD file contains the 16-bit FLAC version and works well with both gzdoom (drag and drop it on the executable or edit the command line) and Doomsday (add it as a mod).

Heretic Soundtrack v6.1 (FLAC 24-bit) (364MB)
Primary Site

Heretic Soundtrack v6.1 (FLAC 16-bit) (194MB)
Primary Site

Heretic Soundtrack v6.1 (MP3 VBR 256k) (64MB)
Primary Site

Heretic Soundtrack v6.1 (FLAC 16-bit) (193MB)
Primary Site

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