Hexen Soundtrack

Though I was never as big a fan of Hexen as I am of Doom, it is still a great game in its own right, with some really cool music. Up to this point, I have been unable to find any soundtracks for Hexen like there are for Doom and Heretic. So, with a little encouragement, I went ahead and made one. Like with the Doom soundtracks, it is made to work with the Doomsday engine.

A good deal of time has passed since I re-did the Doom soundtracks, and the equipment I own and have access to has changed significantly, therefore this soundtrack is version 5.0. It sounds quite different from the Doom soundtracks since it uses about 50GB of samples as compared to the 1GB or so in 4.0

Also there are three different versions of the soundtrack available, a low, high and special quality version. The normal quality version is encoded at 128kbps nominal in MP3 format. The high quality version is encoded at 256kbps nominal in OGG format and is good if you own high grade sound equipment and want the most from the soundtrack. The special version is 24-bit lossless FLAC files. The low and high quality versions are available for download on this site. For the special quality version you can try searching the web, or contact me.

Something to note about the special quality version is that it doesn’t work in Doomsday. So only get it if you want to listen to the music in something like Winamp.

There is also slightly different limiting applied to each version. The low quality version has 6dB of limiting, the high quality has 3dB and the special quality has no limiting. Limiting makes the volume level louder, and more uniform, at the expense of dynamic range.

Hexen Soundtrack v5.0 (High Quality, 256kbps OGG) (177MB)
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Hexen Soundtrack v5.0 (Low Quality, 128kbps MP3) (102MB)
Primary Site

Hexen Soundtrack v5.0 (Special Quality, 24-bit FLAC) (1.04GB)
Primary Site

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