Soundtrack Status

This page gives you information on the status of upgrades to my soundtracks. There are seven states a soundtrack can be in:

Planned: I am planning on doing this update in the future, but no work is happening now.

Planning: I am beginning on this soundtrack, working on getting together the samples I'm going to use and such.

Pre-production: I am messing around with various ideas, trying to decide on the overall sound I want for the soundtrack and what instruments I'm going to use.

Principal production: I am actually mixing down tracks to be released.

Post production: I am mastering, cutting, compressing and preparing the soundtrack for distribution.

Released: The track is available on the site.

Canceled: I've decided not to do this project, no further work will take place.

Soundtrack			Status			Version
Hexen Released 5.0
X-COM Released 6.0
Heretic Released 6.1
Doom 1 Pre-production 6.2
Doom 2 Planned 6.2
Doom TNT Planned 6.2

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