X-COM Soundtrack

With the release of OpenXCOM 1.0 I decided it would be a good idea to do an X-COM soundtrack, since I always loved that game… then I spent months and months playing WoW and not doing anything productive. Finally, here it is.

As usual, a good deal of time a passed since last time and I have new programs and samples, about 600GB or so of samples as opposed to 50GB in 5.0. That combined with better synths and tools means it sounds a good deal better than what I did in the past.

If you wish to hear a demo of the sound you can find one here on Youtube. Please note Youtube applies a lot of compression to audio so the results are not as good as what you get with what you download.

You have four choices for file type: MP3, OGG, FLAC 16-bit and FLAC 24-bit. All are from identical masters and are likely to be perceptually the same. If you are using OpenXCOM I recommend the 16-bit FLAC soundtrack as I have verified it works well. All versions are 44.1kHz.

X-COM Soundtrack v6.0 (FLAC 24-bit) (262MB)
Primary Site

X-COM Soundtrack v6.0 (FLAC 16-bit) (131MB)
Primary Site

X-COM Soundtrack v6.0 (MP3 VBR 256k) (49MB)
Primary Site

X-COM Soundtrack v6.0 (OGG Vorbis VBR 256k) (44MB)
Primary Site

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